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Avogadro is an open-source molecular editor. We are currently developing the next generation of the Avogadro application and libraries. The library component has now been split into several smaller, focused libraries with finer-grained dependencies so that rendering code can be used without required Qt, or general 2D widgets can be reused without requiring OpenGL.

In order to facilitate application development, we are currently developing the Avogadro 2 application in a separate repository which uses the libraries to develop a full-fledged desktop Qt application.

Get Avogadro

Refer to the build page for details of setting up and building the Open Chemistry project. The source code is available at AvogadroLibs and Avogadro.

Avogadro 1.x

Version 1.x is hosted here and the source code is available on Github. Visit the gallery of screenshots to see what Avogadro is capable of. Avogadro 1.x application/library is GPLv2 licensed.