Avogadro2 0.8.0

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Avogadro 2 0.8.0 was tagged on July 10, 2015.

What's New

Avogadro 1 and 2 can be installed on the same system, and so it is possible to try the latest without losing access to the previous version. We will be making occasional releases of Avogadro 1.x too, along with migrating functionality to Avogadro 2. We value your feedback, and hope that you will find the improvements made in version 2 useful.

This release includes the port from Qt 4 to Qt 5, the overhaul of some developer API and a shift to exposing multiple molecules and multiple view widgets. Support for undo/redo operations when editing molecules was added, and a trajectory player tool was added to replay molecular dynamics simulations. Improved support for electronic structure calculations was contributed, now featuing f-orbitals.

A GROMACS reader was added, and the XYZ reader improved to support reading in various trajectory formats. Simple bond perception was added as a menu option, with support for removing all bonds and/or perceiving bonds based on simple distance metrics. Support for retinal displays on Mac OS X.

There were a large number of changes which are visible in the commit history, please take a look at this release and let us know what you think as we stabilize features and add more functionality.

Known Issues

There are some issues with text rendering on Windows systems, where the application crashes in some circumstances. This is being investigated. Crash after clicking close on a molecule will cause a crash.