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MoleQueue is a Qt system tray resident application that integrates with desktop applications and HPC resources.

Get MoleQueue

The source code is available at Github.


JSON-RPC specification

The JSON-RPC specification is here. In a nutshell, the protocol consists of three message types: requests, responses, and notifications. Every request must be met with a reply, and a notification is simply a request with a null id.

Requests are JSON objects with three name/value pairs:

  • method (String): The method requested.
  • params (Array): An array of parameters for the requested method.
  • id (Value): A unique identifier.

Each request is met with a reply of the following format:

  • result (Object): The result of the request. Must be null if an error occurred.
  • error (Object): A description of the error. Must be null if no error occurred.
  • id (Value): Must be the same as the identifier used in the request.

As mentioned above, notifications follow the same format as requests, but use a null identifier.