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We use Doxygen to generate documentation, and make use of the JavaDoc style. They go in the header next to the declaration, all classes should have at a minimum a brief description with one or two sentences explaining what the intended purpose of the class is.

 * @brief Your documentation goes here.
void doSomething();

Class Descriptions

  • Minimum of a brief overview of the class
  • Add include path for users of the class
  • If appropriate, point out alternate/similar classes
  • Ideally give some simple examples of using the class
    • Demonstrate core functionality in the simplest way possible
namespace MoleQueue
 * @class JsonRpcClient jsonrpcclient.h <molequeue/client/jsonrpcclient.h>
 * @brief The JsonRpcClient class is used by clients to submit calls to an RPC
 * server using JSON-RPC 2.0.
 * @author Marcus D. Hanwell
 * Provides a simple Qt C++ API to make JSON-RPC 2.0 calls to an RPC server. To
 * create a client connection and call a method the following should be done:
 #include <molequeue/client/jsonrpcclient.h>

 MoleQueue::JsonRpcClient *client = new MoleQueue::JsonRpcClient(this);
 QJsonObject request(client->emptyRequest());
 request["method"] = QLatin1String("listQueues");
 * You should connect to the appropriate signals in order to act on results,
 * notifications and errors received in response to requests set using the
 * client connection.

class JsonRpcClient : public QObject

} // End namespace MoleQueue

Function Descriptions

  • @brief descriptions:
    • Use complete sentences
  • Constructors should be more that "Constructor", such as "Constructs the ... with ..."
  • Use complete sentences to describe parameters
 * @brief Set the input file for the job.
 * @param fileName The file name as it will appear in the working directory.
 * @param contents The contents of the file specified.
 * @return true if the input file was successfully set, false otherwise.
bool setInputFile(const QString &fileName, const QString &contents);